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Impress Your Clients with Video Brochure Printing Service
Posted by admin on June 26, 2017
Full color video brochure printing services from FUN-TEK will not only help you promote an important event or advertise a new product or service, but also help you build a powerful, enduring brand. Even in the digital age, a professionally-printed video brochure provides legitimacy for your business and gives your customers a tangible element of your brand. FUN-TEK’s expertise in online brochure printing allows you to cost-effectively produce high quality custom brochures in exactly the quantity you need, delivered right when you need them, and offering all the quality your customers expect.
If you have finally decided that brochure printing will give your product or service it needs to compete effectively in a competitive market, you need to think about a few things prior to meeting with your graphic designer.
1. How will the flat size of the brochure be designed? When printing brochures this is an important thing to consider as it will impact the final cost of the project.
2. What weight paper that will be best for the design of your brochure? There are multiple high-quality stocks and weights that can be used when printing a brochure.
3. How will the brochure finished size be folded? Creating the panels properly before printing is something that most clients don’t even think about. If your panels are not sized right the folding could cause you to have to reprint.
Impress Your Clients with Video Brochure Printing Service

Online brochure Printing Business Tip

Remember to use the power of images in your brochure. Great photography, quality illustrations and interesting graphics make your brochures print visually appealing, and improve your reader’s retention of the information you want them to know.

Paper Choices

Your brochure is sure to impress your clients when you print on one of these high-quality paper stocks. We offer multiple paper weights on both the cover and the text to accommodate the style of your brochure. If you are not sure of what paper is right for your brochure feel free to request to see some different paper choices.
60 Lb. Uncoated Text: Uncoated with recycled content that is will still give you a great looking brochure with non-glossy finish.
80 Lb. or 100 Lb. Gloss Text: Full-bodied perfect for folding, coated with a glossy finish for better reflectivity and durability. Well suited for trifold brochures, catalogs and flyers.
80 Lb. or 100 Lb. Gloss Cover: This is a heavy-weight stock that is durable and perfect for folding. It also has a glossy finish for vibrant color printing and better protection. This is an excellent paper choice for your next trifold printing project.

Finishing Choices

Half fold: A simple fold in half like a book, this brochure folding option creates two panels on each side.
Trifold: The most popular option, this classic letter fold has three panels on each side.
Z Fold: Also called an accordion-fold. This option creates three panels on each side of the brochure much like the trifold.
Roll Fold: This is where the folding rolls inwards into itself.
Accordion Fold: A simple zig-zag similar to the musical instrument, the accordion.
Double Parallel Fold: With this option the paper is folded in half and then folded in half again with a fold parallel to the first.
Double – Gatefold: A double gatefold there are three parallel folds. The left and right edges of the paper fold and meet in the middle, without overlapping, along a center fold.
Impress Your Clients with Video Brochure Printing Service

Brochure Templates

FUN-TEK offers brochures in 4 different sizes. You can download templates for any of these brochures in either EPS or PDF format at our website.
Need assistance? Just email to Our professional team are ready to help you..
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